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Hello! My name is Farah and I’ve experienced all of these things… and then some. Now that that’s established, let’s dive in.
I’m a Seattle native, in my opinion, the music capital, and I currently live in Los Angeles, the capital of entertainment and avocados.
Since I was a young girl, the woo-woo and intuitive part of me has communicated with the other side. I’m a psychic and my information comes from the Angelic Realm – as in Angels.
For those who go by the book, I’ve done a lot of studying. I’m a certified meditation teacher, a Reiki Master Practitioner, and a certified Yoga Teacher. In other unrelated news, I also have a BA from the University of Washington… Go Huskies!
My hobbies include analyzing the Aritzia clothing website, listening to every detail of what's happening in my friends’ lives, being the official unofficial social director of my apartment building, organizing play dates for my daughter (and myself), drinking coffee, taking long walks (grateful they no longer include a stroller), and eating chips and salsa before bed.
That all said, feeling stuck, unsure or adrift never feels good. It actually feels icky. We've spent enough hours giving our attention to what isn’t working. Through meditation and readings, we can shift our energy and redirect our minds to focus on what is working. And that feels good.


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