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One-on-One Meditation

In a one-on-one session, I will lead you in a customized meditation. A personalized mantra or affirmation will be given depending on your immediate needs. Your goal is to meditate through a single point of focus (mantra, affirmation, candle, breath work) that can slow the fluctuations of the mind and help you sit in stillness and silence. 

One-on-one sessions can be done in person in the Los Angeles area or via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Teams or phone. 

$50.00 for 15 minutes. 

$100.00 for 30 minutes. 

$150.00 for 45 minutes.  

"Farah's talent for guided meditation is pure magic. She possesss the ability to take you on a journey through time, relaxation, freedom, and relief. Her skills are unmatched."

Ethan D.

Stylist, Beverly Hills

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