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Angelic Realm Readings & Mapping

Psychic readings can give us the information and validation we need when contemplating why things are the way they are. Obstacles and choices we face can be challenging, so let us choose to be open to our spirit team, angels, and guides who may share possibilities we may never have considered.

Mapping is solid, actionable steps given by The Angelic Realm to get you on or back on your path. While faith is 100% important, a proactive outline is equally important.

Sessions can be done in person in the Los Angeles area or via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Teams or phone.

$35.00 for 15 minutes. 

$85.00 for 30 minutes. 

$150.00 for 60 minutes.

"Farah has helped me reconnect to myself. Her readings and healing work have helped me heal past wounds and gain a better insight into my own intuition, giving me the time and space to listen to my inner voice."

Kathryn P 

International Fashion Photographer, New York/Los Angeles

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