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Channeling the Infinite

When I channel from the Infinite - you may prefer to say Source, Universe, or perhaps even "Quantum energy" if you are a more science-based person, I close my eyes, tap into energy that has always been and will always be, and direct it what to do based on what is needed. The Infinite can transmute stuck energy, clear the wiring of thought structure and alleviate physical discomfort. The Infinite can shift us on all levels of existence. 

**Does not replace medical treatment but is complementary to both Western and Eastern medicine. 

$100.00 for 15 minutes.

$200.00 for 30 minutes.

$300.00 for 45 minutes. 

“When I was exhausted the night before my wedding, my exhaustion made me beyond nervous. I was worried I wouldn’t sleep well and that my day would be ruined. Farah offered to channel the infinite to help me and I am so grateful she did. Within minutes I felt better! I was relaxed and had a bit more energy to finish what needed to get done and all that happened before a restful night’s sleep. I felt her magic almost immediately and I can’t say enough about how kind she is. Her gift definitely comes from another realm and is not of this world. Thank you, Farah.” 

Danielle K.

Yoga Teacher, New Jersey

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